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Followup Q&A to April 2020 Business of US Wound Care for Executives eLive Event [Video]

For those of you who joined our recent (April 2020) eLive interactive events on The Business of US Wound Care for Executives (with Healiant Wound Training Solutions), have no fear.

Firstly, we have scheduled our upcoming events for May 28th and June 3rd, 2020 respectively.

Dates and focuses of the upcoming 28 May and 3 June 2020 events on The Business of Wound Care

The May 28th session will be more strategic in nature–tailored more for senior management, marketing strategists, investors, and the like, perfect for those crafting their corporate, portfolio, or investment strategy in advanced wound care.

The June 3rd session will mostly focus on short-term sales and marketing planning, as well as tactical execution. As such, sales managers, account executives, clinical product specialists, and relate supportive roles are most likely to benefit. Of course, for those seeking a 360 degree view of both the strategic and tactical dimensions of advanced wound care, attending both sessions is complementary and will provide those perspectives.

There were so many astute questions from the participants at both events, that regardless of whether or not you joined, we’re making the follow-up Q&A available as a resource to all. Watch below:

Finally,  if you’re interested in a deeper due diligence of some of the themes discussed in the video above, check out the article I wrote back in November 2017, What the Recent Healogics Developments Can Teach Us About the Future of Wound Care. It still remains very relevant today, even 2.5 years after its initial publication (as of this writing), and despite the impact of COVID-19 on advanced wound care.

Whether you joined our recent events, plan to join in the future, or have a stake in the implications of commercial and operational wound care developments, contact us to discuss your unique wound care business situation. 

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