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Confused by Recent Wound Care Digital Health Developments and Their Implications?

In many ways, the pace of innovation in advanced wound care can feel slow compared to other areas of medtech.

As a result,  many from across the spectrum are understandably confused by recent digital wound care news and developments. Relative to the rest of the sector, this segment is evolving at light speed.

Many wound care firms are at various phases of formulating, testing, and executing their digital health strategies. Others are waiting on the sidelines a bit longer before determining if and how to become involved, and whether to develop that competency in house, outsourced, or via partnerships. Investors are wondering if this is the next major growth opportunity for wound care, especially due to the interest from payers, healthcare IT, and other tech stakeholders, beyond the product and service providers already engaged.

Since there is significant interest in this topic, Diligence Wound Care Global and Tissue Analytics have created an overview of this space and its potential, published on Wound Source at the following link:


The content is indeed sponsored (in order to increase its reach). However, it absolutely does reflect the state of wound care digital health opportunities. It also highlights recent choices made by players in the space, as well as the legitimate potential manifestations and implications for the management and delivery of advanced wound care. We researched and authored the piece and stand by the overview and outlook as presented as of publication.

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