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Diligence Wound Care Global Managing Director Rafael Mazuz Joins Tissue Analytics Board as Independent Director

We’re thrilled to share this important announcement (read the official press release here). But even before getting into the details of the features and capabilities of the Tissue Analytics (TA) platform, it’s important to convey why we decided to stake our reputation on this particular innovative skin and wound care company in the digital health space. After all, we serve top wound care brands, from dressings and compression therapy, to negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), to cellular and tissue products (CTPs), to pharmaceuticals, and everything in between. We work diligently to raise the bar for every client, for every product and service, across every market.


Then why, when it comes to the mobile assessment, integration, and analytics segment, have we aligned with a specific firm?

Because we see firsthand what they have delivered for our clients.

Over the course of several years, we have had a chance to evaluate most of the solutions in this space, visited and worked with hundreds of facilities and clinicians, and advised scores of leading and rising product firms. This allowed us to see the platforms–and the teams behind them–operating in the real world of wound care business.

Some companies had great teams but were clueless about market needs or security requirements to protect sensitive health data. Other solutions were overly cumbersome and expensive. Some simply lacked the honesty and integrity standards that are critical to our institutional investor, MNC / SME / startup, and trusted healthcare services partners and their brands.

In contrast, Tissue Analytics is well-liked and has consistently delivered for wound care stakeholders, including real-world use cases such as:

  • Objective, accurate, fast, and cost-effective multi-site clinical trials (obeservational + interventional; pre + post-market) resulting in faster and cheaper go-to-market execution
  • Marketing strategy execution and long term brand value for a major global distributor launching new products across multiple markets simultaneously
  • Turnkey full integrations across major EMRs (almost unheard of in the healthcare industry), resulting in faster deployments and fewer IT (expensive!) resources
  • Exponential ROI from reduced operational, regulatory, and compliance expenses and penalties
  • Connecting data from digital and smart diagnostics (perfusion, temperature, pressure, moisture, infection, etc.) seamlessly with EMRs, care navigators, and clinicians
  • Empowerment of field-based, non-wound-certified clinicians via virtual wound care services (telemedicine)
  • 3D rendering of wound depth and surface models without the need for external hardware attachments
  • Best-in-class analytics capabilities, which opens up machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), risk sharing, and many other “holy grails” of wound care (and healthcare overall)

As our clients increasingly dealt with forces and developments such as:

  • Expiration of IP and (perceived) commoditization / lack of differentiation across multiple product categories
  • High costs and enrollment periods for even small (<100 patient) trials at a small number of sites
  • Difficulty for less-established players to penetrate the market
  • Increased influence by healthcare systems, MCOs, and wound care management firms over purchasing and treatment decisions
  • Reimbursement pressures and documentation scrutiny (in the US)
  • Lack of options for treatment and usage data insights from across the continuum of care

…we simultaneously observed and interacted with the TA team as a result of our normal business activities.

It became clear that in the midst of such a turbulent era in the industry, TA is a hi-tech engine to help deliver the captain, crew, and passengers to their destination faster and more efficiently. It’s also the best solution to connect all of the new digital-enabled and smart devices, diagnostics, telemed services, and other emerging wound care innovations (and the data points they generate) with the providers and other stakeholders. Without a seamless conduit for that information, those solutions will struggle with real world adoption. TA is the front-runner to be that conduit.

In the coming weeks and months, many more industry collaborations will be announced. They involve some of the most cutting edge companies in this space partnering with Tissue Analytics on impressive, next-generation initiatives that are raising the bar for the development and delivery of advanced wound and skin care. Many of the innovations in development and launching are great ones to integrate with the TA platform, too–removing obstacles to adoption of such solutions. In fact, multiple companies we work with are already eyeing TA as the cornerstone of their new product commercialization plans.

Rest assured that regardless of whether wound care stakeholders leverage Tissue Analytics, another digital solution, or shy away from this dimension of the industry completely, Diligence Wound Care Global will remain a radar and GPS to guide them safely and with confidence.

Update: As of April 2020, Tissue Analytics, Inc. has been acquired by Net Health, Inc.

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