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Assessing and Selecting Wound Care Distributors in the Emerging and Frontier Markets

The following is an excerpt from the original article, published in MedTech Intelligence on 3 Apr 2017:


The attractive opportunities for medtech product firms to drive growth in the emerging and frontier markets are well-known: Rising disposable incomes and an expanding middle class, aging populations, and chronic disease prevalence (diabetes, cancer, obesity, hypertension, etc.), combined with increased access to healthcare diagnostics and services, all feed demand for advanced medical technologies in those regions.


However, despite the strong desire of firms to capitalize on these trends, the precise strategies and tactics to achieve their goals are elusive to most executives seeking to do so. In recent quarters, corporations seem just as likely to fall short of earnings goals due to missed targets in the emerging markets as they are due to slowdowns in the developed markets. Therefore, a key question that clients ask is: How might we quickly yet sustainably capture and grow our market share in the developing markets?…

The value chain for biomedical device market entry and distribution.
The value chain for biomedical device market entry and distribution.
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